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    Here’s a interesting link I came across a couple years ago and had bookmarked. It starts out as a green project, but it has some information on how to seek out some of the older electric sewing machine to convert to non-electric.

    There are several references in it. FYI:



    I am the proud owner of a 1923 Redeye Singer treadle sewing machine. My dad bought it for me years ago and it is what I taught myself to sew on.
    It no longer picks up the bobbin thread. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix it. I have searched online for help and cannot find anything. The elderly man my dad bought it from died several years back and he was the only person I have ever known that knew how to work on them. 🙁
    So does anyone have advice or a link that I can figure this out? I have two young children and need a non-electric way to provide them clothes just in case.
    My next best option for repair probably would be an Amish community, however that would mean loading and unloading that heavy thing and driving more than an hour one way. I would much rather learn to fix it myself and have that skill!


    I’ve been wondering about this lately with little kids 1&3 they grow out of everything so fast. Do you stock up on fabrics to make clothing and blankets? If SHTF they will out grow their clothing in a matter of months. I’ve been making a lot of baby blankets lately for friends and a few for mine but I’ve also been buying an extra yard or two to keep for my preps. I only have fleece and flannel right now, any suggestions on what else to stock up on?


    Not sure where to put this, so if I’m in the wrong place, feel free to move the thread.

    This is an excited middle of the night post…this last week, I was able to purchase on eBay three dream things. I can’t believe they all came up in one week, let alone at affordable prices! I’m in love with Morse sewing machines, and a machine I’ve been stalking due to its rarity finally made an appearance…three times! I’ve looked for this machine on and off for the better part of 15 years and haven’t found it, let alone seen 3 in one week! Anyway, I bought one. I also found a Morse free arm, which I didn’t even know existed, but I was indeed looking for a free arm. Then, last but not least, the knitting machine (one of the last precision manual ones, with lots of gadgets) came up. I’ve been looking for one, but thought I could never afford not, so with this one, I snatched that baby and ran to the checkout. So, tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Morse Apollo 6500 and a Morse free arm. The Toyota 787 knitting machine is still in transit. I’m beyond excited! The universe provided in a major way this week, and who am I to say “no” when that happens?


    I have a featherlight sewing machine, it was my mom’s. I bought a hand crank off of ebay for it like this one:

    I have no connection with the seller. I put it on my machine and cranked away and sewed a crooked line. I think I would need to practice sewing one handed more to get a straight line. I removed it and put it away for a rainy day. Just a thought if you have an older sewing machine this might be a good idea to have , I could be your income source.


    Calling CATFEET!

    I have the possibility of buying a Morse Apollo 6200 – is this a good machine, too?


    I bought the Mose Apollo for $35. The person sold it because they couldn’t figure out how to sew with it. The real problem was, they had put the bobbin casing in upside down, and the machine would only run a few minutes at a time and then “de-rail” the entire casing and the bobbin into a big mess. Took a couple seconds to fix that, now it runs like a dream.

    I need to find the owners manual online and teach myself to use the machine.

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