Shady Maple Market in East Earl

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    The Shady Maple Farm market (really a GIANT supermarket) in East Earl sells a lot of dried food items in bulk.

    We went out there last weekend and loaded up. Brought a big cooler and bought ice there. (.49 and .99 bags)

    The prices seem good to us on a lot of items, but maybe that’s just compared to our local stores.
    Certainly a big selection available. They carry local produce, as well as a pork selection that runs on forever.

    I like the bulk dried soup mixes. Bought some last year and found I could add my dehydrated vegetables to it nicely.
    The dried stuff is just on the other side of the produce, just inside the store. I can get lost right there!

    It’s worth an occasional trip, although I’d hate to try and shop there regularly. It would take me too long to go through a store THAT BIG every week. I’d be until midnight!!! 😀

    Anyone else in PA shop there? Did you find it useful?

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