Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet-Central PA Location

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    Found a new grocery store that is discount.

    Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet
    Linden Centre, 1577 West Harrisburg Pike A
    Middletown, PA 17057

    Click on the link to see photos of the inside. YES it really does look like the photos. It’s *that* clean & tidy! 😀

    It’s clean, bright, big and has lots of great discounts. Some that I found:

    canned veggies 2/$1
    Instant Potatoes: .79 cents/bag
    Manderine Oranges: 2/$1 (We don’t have orange trees in PA, so this is something I stock)
    Pasta: .99 cents/bag

    And so much more! I was just making a quick trip to see what they have, and to pick up a few things for a trip to the beach. Going back,though! It’s a drive for me, not just ‘around the corner’, so I want to plan carefully with the price of gas. the potatoes are a ‘PA’ product and I’m going to concentrate on getting more of them. I’ve been looking at how to keep them for long term storage. Here’s what I found on APN: viewtopic.php?f=340&t=48136 And what I have over on my EHP site: . It seems that, if stored properly, instant potatoes can be kept for a long time. They are multiple uses (side dish, to coat meat/fish/chicken, casserole topping, gravy thickener & biscuit ingredient), so they are worth considering,if you haven’t stored any yet. -k

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