Should Snowden be Executed, Tortured, Imprisoned or Tried?

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    Just today I received an interesting e-mail message from the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA), a non-profit organization that aims to inform all Americans about their rights, powers and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors.

    “Whistle-blower Ed Snowden spoke recently at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire from a remote location via Skype. Among the topics he addressed was the question of whether or not he would return to the United States for a trial by jury.

    “After selectively releasing thousands of NSA documents that demonstrate widespread, illegal government spying on U.S. citizens as well as many others worldwide, Snowden has been living in asylum in an undisclosed location in Russia for over two years. The offer of asylum from Russia was for three years. He has applied for asylum in nearly two dozen other countries but has yet to secure an agreement with any of them.

    “Asked about the conditions under which he might return to the United States, Snowden said that: ‘I’ve told the government that I would return if they guarantee a fair trial where I can make a public interest defense of why this was done and allow a jury to decide if it was right or wrong’.

    “Snowden further noted the government responded with a letter from the Attorney General saying that ‘they promised they would not torture me. I’m not kidding. I have that letter’.

    “I suppose that is somewhat of an improvement, given that previously the government’s ‘generosity’ extended only as far as having offered not to execute him. Yet it is a far cry from a fair trial before independent jurors fully informed of their authority to conscientiously acquit if they believe that strict enforcement of the law would be unjust.

    “Regardless of whether anyone approves or disapproves of Snowden’s disclosures, as we’ve noted before Ed Snowden has the same right to the benefits of trial by jury as all of the rest of us. Those benefits include the right to a fully informed jury.

    “For Liberty, Justice, and Peace in Our Lifetimes”

    I thought this was very interesting and, at the same time, extremely puzzling, for the following reasons:
    1. Our elected politicians, those greedy, self-serving crooks that they are, were voted into office to do a job FOR US. THEY are working FOR US; WE are NOT supposed to be working FOR THEM.
    2. Despite the laws in our Constitution, our politicians have continually passed other laws without our consent (and sometimes without our knowledge), allowing them to buy us, sell us, control us, cripple us, coerce us, put us into poverty, and kill us.

    Snowden exposed what they were doing. What he released was what affected us, the American citizens. In a matter of days, he was charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917, theft of US Government property, and theft of foreign government property.

    Think about that for a bit. OUR EMPLOYEES (the politicians) charged ONE OF THEIR BOSSES with exposing the crimes they were committing.

    Please allow me to give this a more personal perspective. Our friend, RebNavy [currently representing 323,045,466 American citizens], has a business and he hired some employees [representing the 545 employees we hired to fill the jobs of the Presidency, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court].

    After they had been working for him for a while, he discovered that they had been getting into his safe and taking money, altering his tax/IRS documents, damaging the goods he was selling, and leaving the doors of his business unlocked so their friends could burglarize the building and steal his truck.

    And THEN those 545 employees turned on him like the pit vipers they are, and threatened to torture him, kill him, and put him into prison for the rest of his life for objecting to what they were doing.

    As Charles W. Mills (author of The Racial Contract, 1999) said in his book, “When white people say ‘justice’, they mean ‘just us’. But when politicians say “justice”, they mean exactly the same thing. [JFC! Why do you think they continually keep this racial conflict going?]

    Now, what are the American citizens saying about it? What are the American citizens doing about it?

    ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOTHING. They have more opinions about what a few idiots at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge are doing.

    Just for fun, consider this imbecilic circus of an election that’s coming up. Suppose, just suppose, that 75% of the voters in every state wrote in “Edward Snowden” on that blank line? Hmmmmmm??????????

    And for those of you who say he knows nothing about politics (*sneer*), please allow me to point out what our “experienced” politicians have done to this country.

    1. They’ve destroyed the economy of not only our country, but that of the entire world.
    2. They’ve legalized farming out NINE MILLION jobs to slave-labor countries overseas.
    3. They’ve turned 35.4% of the American population into self-approved slavery with welfare.
    4. They’ve dumbed down our educational system so badly that their own (govt) studies indicate that almost HALF of Americans 16 yrs and over are functionally illiterate.
    5. In the last 15 years, the Dept of Homeland Security has destroyed more of our rights than most people can comprehend (at least, of the ones who can read).

    Now, what part of this do you not understand???

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