Simple and not expensive DIY bed-chest

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    What I wanted: a simple but reliable bed with a minimum of special fasteners and without expensive materials, maximum use of the internal space, multi-functionality.

    Perhaps there is something similar, but I have not seen, I share the idea, you certainly do better if you like it. The construction of a sufficiently thick plywood I used 1/3″ (8 mm). The rigidity of the structure provide two boxes, each of them is strong enough and stable by itself. Depending on body weight may need some strengthening.

    1. plywood
    2. slats (planed)
    3. Screws 1″

    Tools required:
    1. hacksaw (I additionally used the electric jigsaw and electric screwdriver, but without it you can do).
    2. Screwdriver.
    3. sandpaper to smooth the edges.

    boxes with bottom and lid can be used for different purposes, such as packaging small items when loading the truck. they are more convenient to carry than a box the size of a whole bed. It is necessary to make holes in the walls for the hand, as it is done in large cardboard boxes.

    The screws are screwed from the outside through the plywood into the wood. I used 1″ screws, 1/3″ plywood. The bars on the upper level are the basis for the top, at the same time increase of deflections. Lower bars are the base for the bottom (I did not make 2 of 4 lower bars and the bottom yet, because some items, that I stored there, not fit in height with bottom). Pictured top two bars are short – they are coping fine, but better to make rail the entire length, I just lacked a bit 🙂

    the cover of a well-veneer has two holes for ease of opening. Plywood just lying on the bar. Rim height depends on the type of your mattress, I guess 1″- 2″ is enough. From the junction with another duct rim height equal to the thickness of the plywood.

    under the mattress it turns smooth surface without skirting, but flooring can not move.

    In order to prevent shifting, boxes are fastened together with two screws.

    all dimensions depend on the size of the mattress, and the height – of the desired inner volume. You can make four boxes for a double bed. You can make the boxes more high, at the expense of convenience – it will give a very, very large internal space.

    Finishes any course. Unless you paint, it is best to buy a yellow screws, they look much better on plywood than black.

    By the time I”ll make a different headbord, separate, thicker, more convenient.

    PS sorry for my poor English, I strongly use :blush:

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