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    It really amazes me as to the “techniques” of various martial arts I have seen that remind me of the stuff pulled on play lots and schoolyards, at least years ago when boys were boys. This is one of them, deashi-harai or advancing or forward foot sweep. This is simple to the extreme and useful in various applications. With properly applied force, one could, somewhat, gently bring your opponent down or really get in there and slam him.

    Of course then you drive your knee into his sternum and beat the living snot out of him…

    Deashi Harai ala Judo….

    Deashi Harai is one the basic foot sweeps learned in the Martial Arts. As with most basic techniques, Deashi Harai has more variations than can be described here.

    One common method used in Danzan-ryu Jujitsu is the outside-in method of sweeping an opponent’s foot.

    > It is accomplished by initially having a firm grip on the opponent while facing him or her.
    > The attacker then moves the foot to the opposite side of his opponent (right foot to opponent’s left side, or vice versa), to sweep the opponent’s opposite leg out from underneath him.
    > Simultaneously the upper body must compliment this push-pull motion with a great deal of being power being generated from the rotation of the hips.

    Deashi Harai (Advancing foot sweep)

    1. Starting from the standard position
    2. Make uke take a step backward with their left foot
    3. Off balance them with a push-pull maneuver
    4. Sweep uke’s right foot with your left foot.

    Deashi-harai is the very first throw in Dai Ikkyo, the first group of eight throws in Kodokan Judo. It is considered a foot technique. Deashi Harai is the Advancing foot sweep. As your opponent is stepping forward with his right foot, instead of stepping straight back with your left foot, you step slightly back and to the right. This puts you in close and to the side, but you have moved back so your opponent is encouraged to continue forward. Then, as your opponent’s right foot comes forward, you use your left foot to sweep it to your left. Timing is the key. You want to sweep the leg just before your opponent puts weight on it. Too soon and he just picks it back up. Too late and his weight is on it and it doesn’t budge.

    Kuzushi (unbalancing an opponent)
    Begin in the right natural stance. Step back a bit farther than usual with your right foot and pull your opponent forward with your whole body. They will take a large step with there left foot.

    Tsukuri (making an opening for the attack)
    Loosen your right grip a bit and pull them toward you with your left hand so that they bring there right foot up close to there left.

    Kake (execution of the technique)
    Just as they are putting there right foot down, sweep it in the direction it is traveling with your left foot. As you sweep pull down hard with your left hand.

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