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    After giving the dating scene a try, I cannot find someone who shares the same goals as me.

    I live on the northside of Indianapolis, about 20min north of fort wayne in a really small town. I work at a truck shop, Am a college graduate, have my own car, dont smoke, dont do drugs, dont drink alcohol, love hiking on the weekends with my german shepherd………….what else do women want? 😕

    sure i own 3 guns and a few hundred rounds of ammo and eventually i would love to own a farm with a few acres, still, how am i “crazy”? because i believe in a dollar collapse?

    I’m 28 and women either love the city and going to the club and getting wasted but none like the idea of just living a simple life.

    are you reading this? are you that person who is in that same position and feel like you’re the only one?

    pm me. :dots:

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