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    Single Men, here is your chance.

    If you are the right man, then I have a lady friend that I would like you to meet. I know I’m breaking my own rules about posting a personals ad on APN, but what can I say. I am doing this as a favor for a very good lady friend of mine. She is shy and would like to meet an American man who will treat her good.

    Her name is Jhayne. She is a close friend of my fiancee and traveled with us and took a lot of pictures of us as we traveled Guihulngan, Philippines. During that time, I learned of her interest to want to find an American man to marry someday. I know that the web can be a dangerous place to meet people and that a lot of men will try to take advantage of a lady so the best place I know of to have the best chances at finding a responsible guy would be to find a prepper right here on APN. So, if you think you fit the following then I will put you in contact with her.

    1. You must be single, and I mean truly single. (Separated, or about to get divorced doesn’t count.)
    2. You must be marriage minded. you must be willing to be patient, and willing to wait for marriage before expecting sex.
    3. Jhayne Lives in the Philippines. You must be able to endure a long distance relationship for as long as it takes in order to meet with her, eventually travel to the Philippines and get to know her.
    4. You don’t have to be rich, but at least be financially stable. Marrying someone who lives abroad and either going to live with them, or having them come to live with you can get quite costly. You will have to be prepared for that. I can give some tips on what I have learned about the process and connect you with others who can help with tips as well.
    5. You must be sweet, caring and loving. If you’ve ever raised a hand to a woman, or abused a woman in any way, then don’t even bother responding. If you ever hurt Jhayne in any way, you will get no help from me, and I’ll advise her to drop you like a bag of dirt.
    Of course there is more to this list than that, and it really is Jhaynes decision who she goes with. But if you are the right guy, then this is who you could eventually have as a wife

    Jhayne is a Filipina. I believe she is 28, I will ask her again to be sure about her age. She is very loyal, sensitive and caring. If you are looking for a lifelong traditional wife and mate, then Jayne certainly would make a good wife.

    You may either reply to this thread if you are interested or send me a PM and I will put you in contact with her.

    Note: I will delete any negative or off topic comments to this thread.

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