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    Situational Awareness and You

    When one studies all the “I Survived” stories one quickly realizes that the survivors took control of the few determining factors that were within their realm of control. The key factors were:

    Awareness of their situation and what needed to be done
    Applying the Reality Check to the situation
    Honesty of just what they could and could not do
    The Will (tenacity) to strive to do what needed to be done to survive

    I’ve lived in a few really large cities (Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Fort Worth, Portland, OR) as well as in farm country and one self-defense tactic that proved the most consistent and valuable in both environments was AWARENESS.

    Awareness is the first step to avoidance and many not so pleasant situations can be avoided if you are aware of what is going on around you – of your surroundings. Or as the military and law enforcement prefer to call it: Situational Awareness.

    “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”
    Albert Einstein

    Yes this takes time and effort. The basics don’t cost more than that. So if you think your time is just too limited and you are just too busy – you better ask yourself and answer honestly, just what priority you give Preparedness.

    Practice generates “Muscle Memory” or “Retention of Motor Skills (Motor Learning)”. No not your biceps, the other muscle, your brain. You know those memories stored in your brain that are much like a cache of frequently enacted tasks for your muscles. It’s a form of procedural memory that can help you become very good at something through repetition. Of course if you repeatedly do something incorrectly you will have “bad muscle memory” and do no more than repeat your mistakes.

    The bottom line is that you can’t really be “taught” situational awareness – you have to DO IT to LEARN IT and you have to do it – over and over and over, again and again. Until you don’t have to think about it anymore – it becomes a habit and not a chore.

    “Failing to learn something new, is failing to be alive.”

    To learn how to increase your Situational Awareness get the Tips & Tricks @

    Operations Security (OPSEC)

    What is OPSEC?

    Operations security OPSEC is simply denying an adversary information that could harm you or benefit them. Another form of OPSEC, although not as widely accepted, is the intentional distribution of miss-information to an adversary, designed to protect your true secrets. OPSEC is a process, but it is also a mindset. By educating oneself on OPSEC risks and methodologies, protecting sensitive information becomes second nature.

    Since we entered the Information Technology Revolution our world is increasingly dependent on information. In this world, pieces of information (internet postings, work schedules, phone directories and more) may be assembled in order to form the “big picture” of an organization or operation.

    Today, OPSEC is an established methodology used by Military, Federal entities and Civilian Agencies and Businesses. More and more, private sectors are realizing the importance of Operations Security in day to day operations. This helps to protect proprietary and sensitive information from accidental disclosure, corporate espionage, internal espionage and more.

    Your adversaries in a military or business sense, practice OPSEC to varying degrees and it would be unwise to discount the capabilities of your adversary. These adversaries will constantly probe your organization, so the importance of a solid understanding of OPSEC cannot be understated.

    Why should Preppers and non-military people think about OPSEC?

    First off, the very definition of OPSC should give you a hint. As stated, many businesses and civilian agencies have found it beneficial. As a Prepper, you need to keep the details of your preparedness to a minimum. The more information outsiders to your household or group, know about your preparedness processes, procedures, supplies and plans – the more of a risk these outsiders are to you and yours in a crisis scenario.

    You don’t want to share all, with all. If you do that, you will be opening up you and yours to ‘attack’ by have-nots during a crisis or emergency. Even the most law abiding citizen will become deadly when they are attempting to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and fed.

    Add to this that much of today’s technology includes too much information about the person using it.

    Online communities, including those that are “Military” by design, do NOT have a way to assure that every member has the same goal of safety and security for military personnel. Knowledge is power; the enemy does not need to know anything other than our Military is ready to act and defend. To help keep all of us safe, including our military, do not share information except with your family and very close friends. Even then, please attempt to do so in a controlled or ‘private’ environment.

    In an online environment, you do not know the person on the receiving end of your communication.
    From routes taken to and from work, to favorite places to visit and eat, Internet users may want to reevaluate what information they share on social media sites. The potential compromising of operational security, as well as personal security, may cause some smartphone owners to rethink how much information they share in the future.

    These security measures should not be interpreted as intent to limit free speech or exercise editorial control. Freedom of speech does not include the right to endanger someone else’s life or liberty!

    In the business world, OPSEC awareness helps to instill confidence in clients, who can be assured that their trust is well placed.

    As a Prepper you do not want people who are not in your circle to know all this information or you will become a target to these people in a SHTF world. Just as the elements of security and surprise are vital to the accomplishment of US goals and collective DOD personnel protection, they are just as vital to your survival in a SHTF situation.

    Where and how you discuss this information is just as important as with whom you discuss it. An adversary’s agents tasked with collecting information frequently visit some of the same stores, clubs, recreational areas or places of worship as you do.
    Learn about ‘Prepper’ OPSEC and what you can do to protect you and yours @

    “We are never more in danger than when we think ourselves most secure, nor in reality more secure than when we seem to be most in danger.”
    William Cowper


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