Skills that make you "Important" in a collapsed society

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    As a younger female I don’t really have any roots or places to go in case of a “shtf” scenario of any form. I think one of my biggest concerns of all is in a post apocalyptic scenario say when marauders, bandits, thieves, etc are present and plentiful; is how I will be treated as a woman. Obviously my biggest fear isn’t dying but being held captive and… well yea… I don’t trust men as it is and I’m sure they will be alot more aggressive in a scenario like that. So I have been trying to come up with a backup plan or some form of idea to help me not be viewed as an object but as an asset. So I have been studying alot of combat/emergency medicine skills, self defense, and hopefully soon foraging. All are very useful skills and hopefully so useful that my level of survival and emotional/mental intactness remains high.

    I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has thought about this or planned for this? I’m very open to criticism or ideas =)

    EDIT: This question and general topic is directed for women so ideally I am looking only for women to respond. I won’t stop men from responding if they feel the urge and will still respond if I feel I need to.

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