HEAT-Sleeping warm when it's cold

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    My sister was telling me about some washable cat mats that she is going to try out, referred by a friend. They have an inner layer of either a mylar emergency blanket or that laminated Reflectix insulation (I haven’t seen or felt one, and nothing online says exactly). I’m going to check them out and make a few for my cats.

    I live in an old, leaky, chronically cold mobile home, in W. WA where winter temps are commonly in the 20s (F) and have been as low as 8ºF. I only keep the wood stove going all night when it’s really cold.

    Then I had the idea of a ‘cat mat’ for me: using a 4ft-wide piece of that laminated Reflectix insulation under the mattress pad on my bed. Yes, it will probably crinkle a bit, but cold is cold, and shivering is annoying, too.

    Of course, then I may have all four cats in bed me ME!

    Has anyone in cold country tried this? 😕

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