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    Hi all, just wanted to share my excitement with you. I have been slow in gathering my prep stuff together and am starting to see some of the fruit of my labors.

    This weekend I went to Wally World and bought some Ball mason jars. They were cheaper than I thought they’d be. I went to Costco and bought some strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. About two paychecks ago I had bought a dehydrator, so I decided to try it out. My first attempt at dehydrating went way better than I expected. I didn’t do everything right, like, I cut my raspberries in two and later found out that wasn’t necessary. But hey! I now have a pint and a half of dehydrated strawberries and a jelly jar full of raspberries.

    Other aspects of my prepping include container gardening. I’ve never done that before. I live in a heavily wooded area and can’t plant a traditional garden. I have tomatoes, peppers and herbs growing. The herbs I started from seed. The rest I made sure where Heirloom plants. Well, I read an article last night and was a little disappointed. From what it said my tomatoes may be in too small of a planter. I don’t know if I can transplant at this stage as the plants are almost two feet high. The article said to plant tomatoes in five gallon buckets like the kind you can get at Home Depot. It seems If the planter is too small they will stunt themselves.

    The way I see what I’m doing is learning mistakes now so if or when TEOTWAWKI happens I won’t be making mistakes that could cost me my life. Another upside to prepping is I’m just having a TON OF FUN doing what I’m doing and hopefully one day will be self-sufficient.

    Finally, some G2 to pass on – if you have a good health food store in your area you can pick up some good LTS items. I went to one this weekend and found Hard Red Winter Wheat. I’ve read plenty about it and was going to buy a beginner’s LTS box from the LDS Church. I now have another means to purchase locally which helps the local economy.

    That’s about it, I just wanted to share my excitement over seeing my prepping plans beginning to work out however slow its been.

    Best Wishes to all.

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