So you plan to bug out from the city.

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    John Galt 1

    Trying to stay positive here but it’s a sad reality..

    Living in an urban environment??? SHTF occurs in what ever form you choose, so you plan to run to the hills where the deer are plentiful and the water is clear.
    Hoping to trap and build your family’s survival like Daniel Boone…. a fantasy I’ve seen on other websites and mentioned on this one.

    I’d suggest you reconsider. Thousands from your city will be racing to the same national park, hunting preserve, or rural area. all looking for food and safe water: many or most with bows and guns. Exactly how long do you think the deer will last? How long will your family last with 2 “hunters” per acre?

    So you move on to farm country, plenty of chickens, corn, and cows right? Christian charity amongst the farmers with milk and honey overflowing?

    We want to help but helping our families and neighbors comes first, plus we still buy most of our groceries at the grocery store. just like you city folk so not as much food in the kitchen as you may think. Food ready to slaughtered or harvested is already sold and gone. Farming is about efficacy,, grow and sell.

    Considering that most homes in rural areas have a rifle propped against the door for varmints and are “tuned in ” to the sound of something bothering the property do you actually believe that you can take some food? We don’t want to shoot someone but a “thief” is basically a varmint; both steal food and need to be disposed of. Just protecting the family.

    Please stock up your city home and stay there
    If you are fortunate enough to own a few acres in a more rural area leave the city early to avoid the traffic….. but only if you have stockpiled a years worth of food at your pre-planned, prepared location and have some ability to grow more.

    God bless and I hope these suggestions are never needed.

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