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    John Galt 1

    Got food, heat, lighting, some defensive ability,,, how about soap?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more people were disabled from unsanitary conditions than weapons and lack of food. Keeping your body clean is nice but keeping your food surfaces sanitized is just as important. You can go to Home Depot (or many other stores) and buy a gallon of Simple Green Germicidal Cleaner concentrate (makes 64 gallons) for about $15. Dawn in 75 oz bottles, and a 1 gallon bottle of Zep Industrial purple (makes 25 gallons). Bleach goes bad after a year or two so buy a spare bottle each year for purifying water.

    Average person uses about 4 bottles of shampoo a year (not sure what size bottle, internet research). Average person in the US uses 24 bars of soap a year (according to internet research)…. seems a bit high to me.
    What would your teeth become without toothpaste and no dentists? Got a spare manual toothbrush?
    The US average for TP is 23 rolls a year (assuming no giardia ect in the water). Being a guy I don’t know much about female sanitary stuff but I understand a menstrual cup will last for years (Amazon $16 for two, conceder the trade potential).

    Keep in mind that the blue Dawn is gentle on the skin and can be used to clean about anything from your hair to your clothes so I’d go heavy on Dawn.

    In our case we’d probably have power for the clothes washer and dish washer so we keep a bit of extra detergent for both.
    Brillo and Scotch pads anyone?




    If you could only buy to store one type of soap for body washing, dishes, laundry, etc. what would it be?

    I know theoretically we can make soap from fat + lye but I also read it is not easy and the resulting soap is actually rather greasy.



    I have about 2 cases of small hotel-sized soaps (we’ve traveled a LOT over the past 10 years for our kids & their sports!). I figure those will be good for bartering. Then I have several cases of regular size soap bars.


      I keep in the large vinegar jugs (with the handles). I empty my small bottles into the larger bottles (so I can get rid of the small bottles NOW, while there is still trash pick up!) I remove the labels from the original bottles and put them on my new jugs of shampoo with clear packing tape. Each jug can hold about 6 regular sized bottles of shampoo! I do the same with conditioner. (Conditioner is a ‘must for me, in winter … even in SHTF times, for as long as I can). I’m sure there are other uses for it, as well).

      Dish Detergent:

      I do the same thing with Dish Detergent … into the jugs, attach the label. Get rid of the small bottles now.

      Laundry Detergent:

    I have a LOT of jugs of this. I like to buy when on sale. I also have the dry ingredients to make my own, if needed. There are several recipes floating around the net that use Fels Naptha Soap,Washing Soda & Borax.


      As stated above, bleach is hard to keep for a long time. I have a cannister of ‘pool shock’ to make my own bleach.

      Household Cleaning supplies:

    I TRY to keep ahead on supplying these items. They are expensive, anymore, and my hubby has OCD, so he’s ALWLAYS cleaning! I find I get behind with this supply more than I stay ahead. THere are also lots of recipes on the net to make your own with simple household ingredients like vinegar, baking soda,etc.



    For soap, I have bars and liquid soap. Liquid soap, I have one full warehouse sized refill jug, plus a partial (a bit under half full.) So I probably have liquid hand washing soap for 10+ years at current usage. I also have a bunch of soap bags that I can toss the tiny remnants of a bar into to use for showering.
    For shampoo and conditioner, I buy the warehouse club sized bottles and I take about 2 years to go through a bottle for shampoo, maybe 18 months for conditioner. My wife uses a fancy salon style shampoo and conditioner, but got them in gallon jugs from a friend who owns a hair salon. I didn’t ask price, and she didn’t tell. But she’s had them for well over a year and they seem almost full still. For any bottles that are pump action, I keep two sets of empties in case I need to scavenge a pump for a newer bottle….
    And I don’t use liquid bleach for laundry (just use color safe “bleach” like Cholorox 2.) But I do keep a small bottle to create disinfecting sprays, plus I have 6 of the 1 gallon pool shock bags with safety gear, measuring spoons and directions in a plastic container to use in case of SHTF. I plan on making bleach a cup at a time, then using that to create my disinfection sprays and or water treatment.
    WARNING: If you plan on using pool shock to make your own bleach, you MUST read up on safety measures. Gloves, eye protection and chemical resistant apron at a minimum. Face shield or chemical respirator are just smart. And calcium hypochlorite (pool shock’s active ingredient) is a highly corrosive base that is highly reactive with metals and organic materials. So keep it off your skin and away from metal containers or even wood! Keeping it dry and cool will extend the shelf life and reduce the risk of chlorine gas escaping. Check out for some of the hazards.



    Yep, have a ton of soap. Bar soap, liquid soap, dish soap, ingredients to make laundry soap for decades (and yes, I DO make my own laundry soap already…one batch can last me for a year), shampoo, plus I can make additional soap, shampoo, etc.

    Keeping clean is one of the best ways to avoid disease.



    Good topic. For general hygiene, I have varying amounts of hand soap, bar soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and hotel/sample sizes.

    Could make some lye if I had to, but a few containers are kept on hand in order to make soap. I have plenty of fats and oils to combine that with. Mmm…bacon soap.

    I also make my own laundry detergent with Zote/Borax/Washing Soda, so have plenty of ingredients and containers there. Liquid dish detergent like the Dawn mentioned is something I currently just get in large containers with always a spare, but this topic reminds me I should pick up a bit more.

    Also in this general area of preps, I store rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, Betadine, and several types of medical/surgical sanitizers and surface disinfectants (e.g.-Benzalkonium Chloride wipes and Cavicide spray).

    For chlorine bleach I have several bottles for short term and powder tablets for long term.



    In the LTS:

    A large plastic trunk box filled with bar soap
    2 gallon jugs of liquid hand soap
    2 large bottles of concentrated Original Dawn
    4 half gallon containers of hand sanitizer
    4 boxes of gloves (S, M, 2 boxes LG)
    10 bars naptha soap
    4 bars ZOTE
    Several boxes of borax (thinking about filling a 5 gal. bucket)
    Several boxes of washing soda (same)
    Several 5 pound bags baking soda (same)
    I generally keep at least 4 jugs of vinegar around, also have a bottle with a mother in it for making my own

    About 10 years ago, we bought 6 cases of shampoo and conditioner. I am on the last 2 bottles now.

    I also have 2 jars of lye and some soap-making equipment set aside. Precise instructions for both cold-process and regular soap making are printed out. I also have instructions on how to make my own lye from wood ash. This is an area I should be practicing now, but we have several soap-makers around us, so they keep me in bar soap anyway!

    By the way, original DAWN is concentrated – means it should be diluted with water – I use 1/3 Dawn to 2/3 water for doing dishes. A squirt will take grease stains out of clothes, too.

    For bleach – I have bottles of tablets, powder, and pool shock.

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