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    I thought I would share a little more about my situation. With all the posts I’ve made so far I could see how anyone might come to the conclusion that I’m exclusively into the tactical side of prepping. The truth is I do have a broader perspective. I have a three month food pantry, and several buckets of long term food storage. I have a seed bank, and am trying to get better at gardening every year. We have canned food on many occasions, and butcher our own deer. This year we forged for wild lettuce and cracked a couple crates of walnuts. Pine needle tea is a family favorite. Fishing isn’t something I’m good at yet, but I buy tackle anytime I see it at a thrift store and am trying to learn. I heat my house with firewood when I can. We have bug out bags, camp often and minor in bushcraft.

    In regard to a BOL, I’m only 37 years old. As a condition of my employment I have to live in an urban area. I’m extremely blessed to have a second father figure who has an amazing BOL that is only an hour drive from my house. It has a bee hive, spring, garden, weapons, horses, chickens and an orchard started. But it isn’t mine, so I’m no homesteader and likely will not be at this phase of my life.

    I have a feeling I’m one of the youngest people on this site. I’ve spent my adult life working as a police officer, instructor and studying martial arts since childhood. So most of my posts will be on the tactical side, but I’m extremely interested in the totality of prepping. I just don’t have much to offer on other subjects, I’m working at it, but am a novice.

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