Some wake up calls in November

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    This month has truly been a wake up call on so many levels that it is almost mind boggling. With the Fed deciding to print yet more paper currency out of thin air in October further weakining the dollar, November started off with being reminded of the GridExII test. Listening to those theories around the nation that has not made the network media only added to the anxiety as the dates approached. What made it hit home for us here in the land of the rainbow shaved ice is the Chinese military anchoring off Hawaiian shores to practice “military excercises” and “disaster relief effort” once again, and during this same time period of GridExII. Call me nuts, but how does any foreign nation get access to bring military equipment and personnel on US soil? If they want to practice, why not use a nuetral site?

    We then get the privilage of watching American Blackout, a NatGeo take on what would happen during a cyber attack in America. Hell, made me go check my ammo count once again when the movie was over. Lol. However, it is strange that this was played right before the GridExII blackout test. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out on youtube.

    And if fantasy wasn’t enough, we see the real devastation of typhoon Haiyan in east asia. Images of mass devastation appear on the news and stories of looting and desperation being reported in the Star Advertiser shake our very cores as preppers. Basic necessities, especially drinkable water, is no where to be found. One story I’ve read that caused me to write this post was the releif effort being organized by Belgium, Japan, Israel and the U.S. Ummm, wouldn’t this be a great time for the Chinese military to be doing excercises on disaster relief efforts? Get them off our soil and go there I say.

    I don’t know how far down the rabbit hole we’ll be going in the months to come but as a prepper who loves freedom and cherishes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I encourage you to keep all the people affected by the typhoon in your thoughts and then keep doing what you know you should be doing: Prepping for all sorts of contingencies. Pick your poison!

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