Southern California Ham Radio Contacts

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    I have taken to carrying my HT and Mag mount antenna on my work truck. I generally have 45 minutes to an hour driving to different sites, and range from Irvine in Orange county to Encino in the valley.

    I monitor the following Repeaters:
    Altadena/Downey at 445.640 PL 156.7/88.5
    Catalina at 147.090 no PL
    Johnstone PK at 146.820 no PL

    Call Sign is KF6OSK, between 9 and 4.

    Give me a call, be persistent, or name a repeater and time and I will try and make it.
    As an added bonus I am usually in a drive time QSO with my buddy Larry, starting about 4 on the 445.640 Altadena repeater. Give me a call.

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