SPCA Needs Home for Baby Chicks!

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    This came through my Facebook feed, today:

    !!!We need your help!!!

    On Saturday, the Pennsylvania SPCA responded to an unusual call – hundreds of chickens were found in North Philadelphia in filthy and extreme conditions. They were quite literally running amuck, without food or water, and time was running out. Initial reports indicated there were 300 baby chicks, but instead, we rescued over 1,000.

    Every single one of the birds were brought to the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters where they have been cared for medically, fed and watered.
    But, this breed of chickens grow at a very fast pace, and will soon weigh 8-10 lbs. The PSPCA’s headquarters in Philadelphia are simply not equipped to hold that quantity of large-scale birds.

    The situation is urgent. We are working the phones, reaching out to as many rescues and sanctuaries as possible, in order to provide live exits for as many birds as possible. After all, that is our mission – we operate under a no-kill philosophy.

    This is where we need your help. This large-scale bird rescue has fallen at the same time when many rescues are saving chickens from religious rituals in New York City. Many are at capacity.

    But, extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We are pleading with everyone to work their networks, contact sanctuaries, email friends with farms where these birds can live out their lives happily, healthily and safely. You can help us find placement for these birds and we need you! Whether it’s 5 or 50, every placement helps. Within a week or two at the maximum, we will simply not have the capacity to house these birds any longer.

    We are doing everything we can, and we are calling on our network to do the very same. If you tell a friend, they will tell a friend, and soon we will have so many people who will want to help! We can do this.

    For more information, please contact Deanne Schmidt, dschmidt@pspca.org or Kelsie Kelly, kkelly@pspca.org

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