Spending the night in the woods. With rain!

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    Me and Medic72 went out into the woods yesterday with our LBE’s and stayed the night. Before we left, it had been raining the day before, and it was going to rain that day. So we went to test our skills in the rain and learn a couple tricks. And we learned a few things.
    1) 2 8×10 tarps work better than a tent. You tie 550 cord to two trees and hang the tarp over it. Then yuu make stakes and tie 550 to the holes and stake them in the ground. Then, yuu have a tarp tent. It kept us dry all night and was lighter than a tent.
    2) Fire wood is hard to find in the rain.. But we did :thumbsup: . We took old dead trees and used them for wood. Dead stuff dries faster, if it’s not already dry. The ones that were slightly damp, we put near the fire so it would dry out over time.
    3) Rucksack > 2 LBE’s with tons of stuff in it. We had to tote out fully loaded LBE’s all the out there, and back. So we decided that the ruck sack we have is gonna be alot better, hah.
    4) Peeing in the first = Fail. I told my dad i was gonna pee in the fire to put it out when we left, cos i had never done it. BAD idea. It produces alot of smoke and it smells HORRIBLE, lol. :ouch:
    We had a good time, and enjoyed it alot. We got to test out some things in our packs. All in all, we learned a couple things, a made the best out of it.

    Got a story? Feel free to share. 🙂


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