Starting to feel unmotivated

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    Not for a lack of want persay, but I’m feeling a bit unmotivated lately. Maybe it’s frustration; not sure. The mrs. and I only have one couple with us, hardly a group. Certainly not what I ideally want when the time comes. Just seems like there’s no one around. Multiple forums, multiple posts, nothing pushy, yet nothing. Are Florida preppers THAT closed off? I don’t have lofty expectations, like finding 100 people to build a town with or anything. But it scares me a bit to think that when the shtf I may have so little help. It’s very distressing to think that for as much as I’d like to just TALK to like-minded people around me, much less meet them, that I’d basically hear crickets. My motivation is dwindling. Those that are either alone or in very small groups, how you do cope, stay the course? Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to fail, but it’s like the odds are almost impossibly stacked against me. It’s almost depressing……..

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