Starting Up: How Much Food Should You Store?

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    How Much Food Should You Store?

    This question is a bit like asking ‘How high is up?’. Clearly, the more food you store, the better you will be able to withstand a Level 1 or 2 event (Level 3 events assume, more or less by definition, that the problem will last longer than any stores you might have amassed).

    There probably is an upper limit to how much food you could/should store, but few of us are going to reach that. In case you wonder, there are two situations where you might end up with ‘too much’ food. The first is if you have so much food that you can’t eat it all (or give it away or trade/sell/exchange it) before such time as it passes both its official and its real expiry dates. The second would be having such a lot that you find yourself with food to last much longer than you have energy or water or other essentials.

    In all cases, you need to balance your prepping. Until you can – in all respects – survive a one week event, there is no point adding a second week of food. Who needs food when you no longer have water? When your heat has gone, and it is midwinter and you’re dying of exposure, food is again probably the least of your worries. And so on.

    So it is important to keep your prepping balanced — CONTINUED at LINK, above —

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