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    Stateless Society – Prologue

    Fought mainly in Europe and the Middle East, World War III lasted four years and sapped whatever wealth was left from an already indebted United States. Natural resources were decimated by fiat government spending, so the dollar ultimately collapsed. Major corporations fell by the wayside and global trade and transportation came to a screeching halt.

    Conscription stole the youth and strength of the country to waste them on the battlefield and, by the time it was all over, the citizens were fed up with the federal government and forced their states to secede from the Union.

    The last official act of the military was an endeavor to return the few surviving soldiers to their homes or, at the very least, as close as they could get them. The states resisted the effort, closed their borders and demanded proof that the returning men were residents.

    The citizen-states – which had no currency or resources to steal from – collapsed shortly afterwards, but a few states managed to hold on for a while longer by selling-off federally held lands in exchange for precious metals and other goods. Eventually, even state employees realized the attempt was “too little, too late” and stopped showing up for work.

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