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    Recently a close friend of mine moved into a new apartment and signed a two year lease. It’s a nice apartment with newer appliances.

    The fridge that came with the apartment is about two years old and the interior stinks so bad. Without being to descriptive, it smells like something died, and rotted inside of it.

    My initial advice was that he should call the company that holds his lease. He did. Eventually the company sent someone out with a box of Arm & Hammer. It didn’t help a bit, and the company is refusing to give him a different fridge. It’s also in his lease that he cannot swap out the appliances himself or face eviction. It sounds like a load of bull to me, but it is in plain writing in his lease that he cannot change the appliances that came in the apartment.

    We have tried dis-assembling it and bleaching everything. Now it smells like rotten bleach. It’s like the smell permeated the plastic.

    Anyone here have any ideas on how to remove the smell?

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