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    I know this may not be super awesome or necessarily the best thing to do, but it’s what I did, so I feel like sharing 😀

    First, a story:

    So, a little while back I started knocking around on and decided to upgrade my dog from Iams to some fancy All Natural, made in the USA, buffalo food. I bought it, he loved, so I kept buying. I started eyeing up the larger 30lb sack but was standoffish about it because I was worried about storing such a large volume of food since we have had problems with mice in the past.

    Then I stumbled across there Vittles Vault’s. They’re from the same company that makes the Gamma Lids.

    I got one and it worked good. Then it occurred to me one day – They’re 50lb capacity, BPA Free and Food Grade plastic. Why not try to put some junk for me in it?

    So I picked up a few and ordered some Red & White Wheat and Corn and dumped them in. Been working like a charm so far. Because of that I decided I would pick up a few more and expand to include Rice and Beans as well.

    I told you that, to tell you this:

    I went to a restaurant supply store yesterday. For those interested, it’s called Benjamin Foods ( in Hatboro, PA (Willow Grove Exit of the PA Turn Pike).

    I think I made out pretty good:

    50lb Black Beans: $27.82
    50lb Kidney Beans: $27.81
    50lb Long Grain White RIce: 18.72

    The prices per pound beat the pants off of my local Giant. The beans, specifically. I paid $0.56/lb yesterday, at the Giant they want $1.58/lb.

    I’m feeling happy with bringing home 150lbs of dry goods for $74.35 and just wanted to share 🙂

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