Stockpiling OTC Meds/Cold Meds/Etc.

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    We attended a Prepper Conference once several years ago where Patriot Nurse was one of the speakers. One item that she emphasized stockpiling was Guaifenesin.

    An inexpensive option is the Ready In Case brand at Walmart – 15 tablets, 400mg – for the whopping price of 88 cents. Most stores carry their own brand of this very inexpensive drug.

    Now, over the years we have found the Mucinex 12-hour extended release tabs were the absolute best at kicking some of the winter illnesses that just wouldn’t go away. So we paid the price, often at Sam’s Club, to stockpile a few boxes of this fantastic product.

    Fast forward to present day…..hubs has come down with the crud. It’s mostly a cough, so I decide to break out the good stuff – the Mucinex (expectorant) maximum strength, 1200mg guaifenesin extended-release bi-layer tablet. Realizing that we haven’t bought any in a while and I need to restock, I headed to CVS. Lo and behold! The patent must’ve run out because CVS Health now carries the equivalent!! Now, granted this may have already been out and living in such a tiny town, I may be late to the party but I sincerely have not seen this before today!

    With CVS, there are often sales on their brands and there was – BOGO 50% off. And of course, they always have coupons – I had a $3 off $15 CVS cold or flu remedies AND a $6 off a $30 purchase. So I got (2) 28 count boxes for $25. This may sound expensive but this product is well worth it – there are smaller boxes and bigger boxes, so you can buy less or more if you need to.

    Other products that I stockpile and swear by are –
    Dimetapp Cold & Allergy – this IS a children’s med but is great for anyone who has problems with fluid in the ear due to cold or allergies – this will clear that out and avoid an ear infection. There are store brands available.
    Psuedoephedrine HCI 30mg – this dries out the nasal/sinus areas and relieves pressure that causes pain. Store brands are available and you do have to show your license at the pharmacy to purchase (thanks to the MethHeads). Just buy throughout the year (hubs and I both buy it) to build a stockpile. I do not recommend the 12 hour it makes me feel like I drank a full pot of coffee! If you suffer from sinus headaches like I do, I give you the “cocktail” – this is one psuedophed tablet, one extra strength tylenol and one excedrin. I buy name brand with coupons/sales and store brands, whatever the best deal.

    Do you have certain OTC meds that you stockpile? Are you brand loyal? Share your stockpiling tips and strategies.

    Mrs FP

    PS – and yes, I went through the 22 pages of threads on First Aid and Medicines 😀 Wanted to start something new, up to date and fresh :thumbup:


    I don’t know if its going to help me but I’m trying to find a substitute for arthrotec and hydrocodone. I’m allowed 3 hydrocodones a day but take just 1 most of the time and never more then 2. I do not want to become dependent on them. Now in Indiana pain management is trying to push you out of the program. And doctors are being threatened with loss of their licenses over opiods I guess if you get to many. I realize there is a problem with people taking them but are old folks just going to be left in pain. I just bought some CBD oil and am trying. I tried 1 tablet yesterday and 2 today and took one tonight. If they do help relieve the pain well that’s good and maybe won’t have to get some of my pain pills again.


    You might try CBD oil as the oil – sublingual and takes effect faster. BlueBird Botanicals is an organic brand. No affiliation – one of my kids did the research on what was out there. There are two ways to extract oil and depending on which way it’s done, it has different effects on the body. BBB does both ways in each bottle of oil. So there’s an overall effect that helps people with multiple chronic issues.

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