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    I normally make my own broths and/or stocks. I figure if I am going to kill an animal I am going to use every sing bit of it so that it takes longer before I need to kill another. I personally believe it to be a sign of respect for the animals that give their lives to sustain us.

    Making your own stocks and broths is easy, you basically take all the bones that you could not use from whatever animal, throw it in a pot, cover with water, throw in a chopped onion, some chopped celery, and some carrots. I simmer it for several hours then strain it all to get as clear as possible, then can it in 1pt-1qt jars.

    But for prepping I know that getting ‘stock’ materials can be few and far between, so for your short term pantry, this is one of the best items I have found.” onclick=”;return false

    It’s very tasty and I use it in just about everything. There is even a vegan varity.

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