Storage of oat groats?

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    Short question … can you store oat groats as long as whole-kernel wheat?

    We currently store wheat in (lots of) 1-gallon heat-sealed mylar bags with O2 absorbers, and these are in 5-gal food grade pails. We were thinking of buying a flaker/roller to make our own rolled wheat and oats (cereal), and are also interested in long-term storage of oats. Nature stores things best, I think, and I would guess that whole oats store longer than rolled oats, although I only see rolled oats sold around here. I checked some prepper suppliers, and at first pale, I didn’t see oat groats for sale (whole-kernel oats). Pleasant Hill Farms has them, in pails, using mylar bags, sealing lids, and O2 absorbers … but their website only says “last 18 months”. Whuh? Is that just a liability statement, or do whole-kernal oat groats go bad that fast? Wheat doesn’t … why would Oats?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any knowledge you share….


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