Storage of Oxygen Absorbers

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    Have a question…not sure this this has been addressed yet, though I know we have touched on it elsewhere. Can I store, so as to extend the shelf life of, oxygen absorber packets in a vacuum sealed jar? I want to start adding oxygen absorbers to the foods that I store, but I just store a few pounds of dehydrated corn or potatoes here and there, vacuum sealing them. I try and put away about 10 pounds every two weeks…I don’t want to do more at once because of space/time/money constraints. I am afraid that if I buy 100 oxygen packets I will end up only using 10 or so before the rest go bad. So, I was thinking that I could get some mason jars and that vacuum sealer attachment for my Food Saver and seal the packets away, maybe about 20-25 to a jar so that when I do use them later I will not have to re-expose all of them to get to just a few. Would this work? Has anyone tried this?

    I saw elsewhere where someone stated that the vacuum sealed bags are not permanent and are oxygen permeable. I am thinking of, once I get a bit of a dehydrated pantry of sorts going, placing my Food Saver sealed goodies into a mylar bag…several vacuum sealed bags into one mylar bag…adding several oxygen absorbers and then trying to vacuum seal the mylar bag. Good idea? Bad idea? Just another idea? Any thoughts?

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