Stormy Week

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    Looks like we’re in for more nasty weather all this week and possible severe storms. Near dinner time we received a reverse 911 notifying our area of a tornado warning and damaging winds and hail.

    After checking with our neighbors we headed for the basement and stayed for a bit in our walk-in pantry/safe room. With the dogs.(Not fun) It gave us the opportunity to use the room for which it was constructed and, as always, there’s room for improvement. We need another chair in there and a portable lantern in case of a power outage, which some of our town had due to downed power lines. We didn’t lose power this time and after about 45 minutes we were in the clear.

    Some drinking cups would be nice, too, and bowls for the dogs’ water.

    The whole basement is pretty well set up but I’m thinking we should get a chemical toilet for long term stays if needed.

    Heat advisories are in effect for this week and I know Boston has cooling stations available.

    Just in case, everyone, make sure you have a safe place to go if this happens again and stay cool.

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