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    I thought perhaps it would be good to have a brain storming section. A place where people can bounce ideas around and talk about scenarios.

    I have an idea for a story that I haven’t started yet.

    The story starts out 20 years ago with a female hitchhiker (main character) walking down a country road. She is picked up by a young woman driving a truck or jeep…vehicle that rolls easily. They start talking turns out the driver is a young army recruit on her way to basic training. A deer jumps in front of them and they are in an accident.

    The hitchhiker takes the driver’s ID. She is in fact a family member of a very powerful global mafia…think central banking cartel. She wanted out of the “family business” but you only leave feet first. She couldn’t turn state’s evidence for she knows the state is the criminal. She’s left on her own. She was nick named “Da Vinci” due to her ability to copy things, counterfeit, ect.

    So, she goes into the military as the woman who died, never is caught, never tells anyone.

    20 years later…she’s married to a military man, her son just is in the military too…event though she has little use for the military…she understands their drive. She becomes a housewife, stay at home mom. Dabbles in her spare time in some counterfeiting…her husband never really knows how she always has a 20 dollar bill. LOL.

    The story brings in the banking fraud we have today. And then the eastern USA is hit by and EMP weapon. Allegedly this weapon is from terrorist…but Da Vinci recognizes the “sting” and realizes it is one of her own ideas. She knows the banks are actually covering up a massive fraud scam and ruining the USA in the process.

    As the government is about to enter ww3, she tells her hubby and son that she’s doesn’t think terrorist did it and it’s a robbery.

    She somehow organizes a citizens resistance but I’m not sure how yet. That’s as far as I got.

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