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    I meant to post this last week– but I guess it’s not too late.

    Don’t forget our fine feathered friends are probably having a rough time with the winter, too. We’ve warmed up, but I know a lot of you still haven’t. I got to thinking about the snowbirds (nor the people kind, the migrant bird kind) and their local neighbors last week, and so I whipped up some suet for them. It took them a couple of days to figure it out, but when they did… boy!

    Suet is a fat-based concoction of stuff birds like that provides a lot of energy bang for the buck. It’s so easy to make that the kids can help or do it themselves, and it costs next to nothing. You can find recipes all over the internet– but you really don’t need them.

    For the fat base, you render a piece of fat back (streak of lean), use bacon fat, crisco, lard or a combination– anything that’s solid at room temperature. Heat the fat until it melts. Add peanut butter to the hot fat, as much as you want. Then add (here’s where the fun begins) cornmeal or oatmeal (I suppose whole wheat or rye flour), until the fat/peanut butter mixture is not so liquidy. Stir in raisins, nuts, bird seed, really old packets of flower seeds (like I’m talking old– seed saves for 3-5 years typically), even things like stale granola, that 1/4 package of frozen cranberries you just found — anything you’d throw out for the birds anyway. (No rice.)

    Let it cool until it’s spreadable. Then spread on or pour over pinecones, pieces of kindling wood, whatever is laying around. Take outside.

    One note: Be SURE to put it where you can see it!

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