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    I am not normally a poster in the ladies section, I hope this is allowed, I need a little help.

    My wife has a birthday coming up in a little over a month, and I need some ideas. She does not wear jewelry so that is out. She has about every woodworking tool known to man for her workshop. Her artic gear is in good shape so I can’t just get her a new pair of bunny boots. Her car is newer (at least compared to the repurposed impound auction junkers I drive) and she does not what a different one. Her snowmachine is in decent shape so no luck there. Her snowshoes are in good repair. She already has a removable seat for the outhouse for winter. Her sleeping bag is in good shape.

    I need some suggestions. I did get her a MRS water filter and some new arrows/broad heads for her bow, but I want to get her something really nice besides just a few little things. I was thinking of getting her a stainless steel feather light rifle but I am not sure, she likes the one she has but it is old.

    Are there any things that the ladies out there really like in the prepper/survival realm that you would recommend? Some people are just hard to buy for, my life would be easier if she just wanted jewelry.

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