Sun Oven 101

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    The Sun Oven is one of the most versatile prepping products available on the market.

    With the power of the sun you can:
    – Cook meals
    – rehydrate dehydrated emergency foods
    – dehydrate foods – jerky, fruits and other foods.
    – pasturize water for clean drinking/cooking water.

    Come prepared to sample!

    Be sure to check the Facebook page if it rains or is cloudy. If the sun is not out we will move the event to the next night (Wednesday) or the following night (Thursday).

    RSVP on our Facebook page or by emailing E-mail address edited out by forum moderator per forum rules. DO NOT post personal contact information in the open forum! Use the PM function.

    Our events are typically free and a great way to meet other like minded local preppers in a safe environment.

    Tuesday May 10th at 6;00PM
    HTF – The Survival Store
    3016 N. Main Street
    Anderson SC 29621


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