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    Ok, I know that I am probably a bit behind the times, but is anyone else stocking up on sun screen and insect repellent?

    I am a pale white boy. Paler than him–> :wave: I do not tan, I burn. I burn bad. 👿 When I go out for any length of time I try to lather up with sun screen, but with work and all even in the summer I am usually inside, so I go through maybe a bottle of sun screen a year. I have a few bottles stowed away, but if things were to change and I had to be outside more often and could not run to the corner store for some more sunblock…can anyone tell me about how much I would need per person per year?

    Insect repellent. This is probably more important than sun screen…I can at least wear a hat and long sleeves for sun protection, but armor against bugs is more difficult :tank: I believe that in the event of any disaster shy of something like the Day After Tomorrow insects will play a major role, either as a nuisance, or as competitors for food (or food, Fried Maggots?), or as carriers of disease. We have had yellow fever and malaria in the U.S.A. before and it would not take much for it to come on back. I have not done so yet, but I intend to get some mosquito netting. Not just the mosquito hats that make you look like a bee keeper, and not just the bed netting like they use in Africa, but also some sheets of the stuff that I can tack over an open door way with some weights along the bottom. During hurricanes Katrina, and Rita, and Gustav, and others who’s names I forget when the power went off it got hot and stuffy and the doors went open and in came the bugs.

    I use insect repellent when I am in mosquito rich areas, they seem to find me to be a buffet of unusual delight. Again, I am not out and about as much as I would like and I only go through a bottle/can or less of this stuff in a year. If I had to be out and about daily, any idea on how much I would need to keep for a year? I have read of soldiers putting flea collars around their ankles to ward off bugs…does anyone have any experience with this? I have seen cans of insect repellent for clothing…does anyone have any experience with this either? (I think that this would be a rocking idea if I could spray down some grab and go clothes, like for my BOB, and just store them like that…but would they make everything smell like a mothball gone wrong?)

    Besides a couple of bottles of insect repellent stowed away, I also have an extra bottle of solution, and an extra skinny propane tank, for my yard fogger. I keep thinking that I need to wear a gas mask with this thing, I just hold my breath and hope the neighbor kids run from the big white stinky cloud, but it does keep the mosquitoes away for a few hours. However, if the wind is more than 3-5 mph, it doesn’t work for long. In that case I have 2 bottles of yard spray to hook up to a water hose (if I have water pressure). Spray down your yard and the stuff seem to last for days, or until the next rain.

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