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    Gabbyhase wrote:”There is no sence even thinking about fighting a war. The military ( be it ours or NATO ) has Helecopters, Jets, Mistles,tanks and a lot more. They can see in the night, they can see through walls and shoot through them to kill what ever is behind them, their weapons are so advanced there is no way for us to protect our selves.. So even if we all had AR15’s and plenty of ammo there is no way we could fight, we’d be dead in a heart beat.
    Your absolutly right about the cleaning supplys, everyone should stock up on enough gun cleaning supplys for every gun in their home.”


    Ruger SP101, snubbed nosed. That’s my personal protection gun– and I am a little bitty thing. I have no problem concealing it (although I am a staunch open carry sort of gal). I cannot wrack a semi-auto efficiently for the life of me. And I certainly couldn’t do it if I had to… .

    But if we are talking survival, then a .22 would be in order. And a .20 gauge.




    Good points, ETOW_Doc, but as a fellow in my gun club found out, a 30-30 is still cooking at 600 yards! I was aiming it like a mortar, but still got 4 out of 5 hits on the 600 yard gong. Don’t be too quick to write of the AK’s. In all the tests I have read, their one quality is that they ALWAYS GO BANG! Try a test some time, open the dust cover of your AR & pour in a handful of fine dust (like shoting on a windy, dusty day) & start firing. About 1-2 rounds in it will jam & you’ll have to take it apart & scrub all the little. tightly-fitted parts clean. Try that with an AK & it’ll just keep shooting. A decent AR will set you back around $1000.00 or more while there are plenty of good AKs for $500.00. Beyond that 5.56 is selling for about $.55/round vs $.23/round for new-manufacture Russian 5.45×39 – lots more practice. While an AK won’t match an AR @ 600 yds., but since 99% of combat is shot at <300 yards, an AK is fine. Another point to ponder, since I don't think any of us really envision a Mad Max/Thunderdome occurrance but more of a temporary derangement, I can't see how a civilian can justify firing on "hostiles" at more than 50-60 yards, well within the range of a tuned 12 or 20 guage w/slugs. Try shooting your shotgun w/slugs at 100+ yards & after finding the slugs it likes, you'll be pleasantly surprised how accurate it is. We all have to remember that eventually order will return & we'd all hate to be arrested for killing someone who wasn't really threatening us & that could be a subjective matter.


    That’s the best advice, MM: If you can’t or won’t shoot it, don’t bother. If it is to big, or kicks to much, or doesn’t fit your hand right, get something else. A 12 gauge i best, but if it is to much for you, get a 20 gauge, or even a .410. Same with a .45 versus a 9mm. The best gun is the one that you have with you, not the one in the bedroom drawer. Also, stock ammo aplenty for whatever you have.

    A saying from the old west still applies: Beware the man (person) with only one gun, he (they) probably knows how to use it (and well, with lots of practice).




    I LOVE guns, avid shooter and reloader. I have found that my Keltec 380 is a great every day carry weapon. Simply easy to hide, or leave in the glove box as the case may dictate. When outdoors, my S&W Model 28 Hwy Patrolman does just fine. I used it as a carry weapon as a PD CHief, and know it inside and out, and can hit at pretty far ranges for a 4in pistol. LOVE the Glock 23 in 40 for the wife, yet to buy though.

    As far as rifle’s, I have a rem 700 in 308 I hunt with and building into a very effective sniper type weapon, I love to shoot long range when I can. I have also found that my mini 14 is a great and dependable semi auto rifle. Lets face it, most gun battles happen at around 6 feet in range. IMO to many times people focus on long range defense when what needs to get worked on is the stuff we dont want to think about the up close and personal.

    As far as home, I Love a 12 ga Mossberg 500! This is the only shotgun to be submitted and tested to Military standards. I own two and constantly re configue to meet my mission of the day. I use one a lot with a rifled slug barrel for deer, and a one ounce slug will stop about anything. I also have the riot barrel and customized bird barrel. They also have a 50 cal black powder barrel you can throw on it. Allowing many different options.

    I am currently waiting to hear about gunsmithing school so I can get that paper thing out of the way, anyway, GREAT THREAD!


    If that works for you, then that’s absolutely what you should use and carry. My wife carries her revolver in her concealed carry purse. If we’re out on the bike we use concealed carry fanny packs, what ever works, use it.
    Here is a pretty good article called Guns to Grab and if you scroll all the way down it describes some calibers that may not be availible in a post survival world; onclick=”;return false .
    I also have a 20 gauge , 16 gauge and a 14 but in a survival situation I will grab the 12 gauage if i have to. But I also have plenty of ammo saved up, so don’t have to worry about finding it when I need it. ( by the way, 45 lc’s are getting hard to find out here )

    It’s not my intention to challenge an expert or put down anyones opinion.

    The author of the article you mentioned had a caliber on his dry up list I dis agree with. 7.62 x 39. Not sure about your neck of the woods. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone that owns either a SKS or AK-47. It is my belief that 7.62 x 39 will be just as readily available as .223/5.56. But HEY it’s just MHO. What do I know.

    Silent Bob

    A 22 lr can kill a deer . Here in the South there is some night hunting and the weapon of choice is either a 22 lr or a 22 mag . In the right hands either will drop a deer with a shot to the head. I carry a Keltec 32 as a BUG to my 9mm or 45 .


    In my opinion, the main concern for firearms in a survival situation is going to be for defense. Hunting is fine if you live in the right area, but a lot of people do not. For the most part, you would want to be concerned with riots, looting, and general lawlessness as seen during events like hurricane katrina. That being said, I wouldn’t trust my life to a .22 long rifle. I realize that it’s capable of stopping an intruder, but I’d rather use something with more stopping power, range, and lethality when it involves defending myself and my family. However, a .22 is always a nice gun to have around.

    I’m a fan of shotguns, they’re hard to beat as far as home defense is concerned. I own a simple pump action that does the job.

    If you’re looking for cost efficient ammo, you may want to look into an AK-74. It fires 5.45 ammo, which is a very effective round, and can be bought dirt cheap as russian surplus. A nice arsenal AK-74 runs around $800.


    I will add that they are easy to learn and use. Living in Montana I have the option of doing some hunting, and the possibility of looting. So I have the right gun for the area I live in. Not to mention, living as far North as I am, I am doubtful a Lot of big city folk will come up here and try to make it. I do wonder if some will try to make the Canadian border though.


    MTJoe, I have to agree with you on the Kel-Tec .380. I have tried several other pistols, and that is the one that works best for me.

    1. it is small enough that I can conceal it effectively (anything larger “bulges” out conspicuously, or the barrel digs into my thigh mercilessly when I am sitting)

    2. it fits my hand comfortably–I have small hands, and have difficulty getting my hand wrapped around a larger-gripped gun, and if you can’t get an adequate grip, you’ve got no control (I can’t even get my hand around something with a double-stack mag, and for me, Glocks are like trying to hold a brick.

    3. the REAL biggie…I can rack the slide on it with NO problem…even when I was having severe problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, or just after having surgery…some pistols are either VERY difficult or downright impossible for me to work the slide even in a calm environment–in an emergency situation, this could be FATAL!

    4. It goes “bang” reliably when I want it to.

    Every make and model of gun has its promoters and detractors…the main things that I look for in a firearm is something that is comfortable for me to carry and fire accurately, FITS MY HAND, if it’s a semi-auto pistol, I have to be able to work the slide easily, and it has to go “bang” reliably when I want/need it to. It doesn’t matter HOW “good” a make/model it is supposed to be…if it doesn’t fit those criteria, you might as well be using a brick or club, for all the good it will do you.


    I have to agree with just about everything posted above.

    I’ve recently acquired a .22 semi-auto survival rifle, as well as a Ruger Mini-14 in .223. Those, coupled with an assortment of revolvers and semi-automatics (primarily 1911’s; love em’. Takes me back to my Navy days) puts me in a pretty good position. My wife can shoot the .22, as well as a .38.

    The only problem here in Connecticut is availability of ammo. With the exception of value packs of .22, the other calibers (.223, .45, 9mm) are either scarce or getting down right expensive. My goal is a minimum of 2000 rds each by mid-June.


    Ammo availability took a pretty hard hit just about everywhere, Tom, but it seems to be heading somewhat back to normal now. What you can do, depending on state laws, is order ammunition online and have UPS drop it on your doorstep. This gives you a lot better selection as well.; onclick=”;return false

    I’d buy a small box of a few cheap kinds, make sure your gun doesn’t hate it, and if it cycles fine, go ahead and order the cheap ammo in bulk.


    Give you another one to chek They carrie about everthing.
    I’ll add to the survival gun discussion what ever you can shoot and hit what your shooting at is a survival gun. Can’t eat or save yourself if can not hit it.

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