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    Willy Pete

    I have used the .410 derringer and it is not that bad, I think you sike yourself out thinking your about to put a shotgun round through that small of a firearm. However I still carry a full sized CZ. I’ve thought about going more compact but have not been able to justify it. A study was done not long ago and the results showed that most civilian based “firefights” occured within 7 yards. As long as you can maintain a shot group stressed at that distance you should be ok. Also the thumb break holster that ties to your belt and pulls off when you draw is a great idea for those carrying in theyre pockets.


    All of this, of course, depends on the threat level as you alone determine it. Based on this calculation than any combination of sidearms fit the equation.

    From the single small derringer, five shot wheel gun, or small Ruger/Kel Tec 9s, 380s, and 32s –

    to full state defensive position with a pistol variant of the AK-47/AR-15 as primary side arm in shoulder sling carry (each take a 75rd and 100rd drum respectively as back up to the smaller 20/30 rd mags), with secondary back up pistol in opposed shoulder holster rig usually with large capacity mag (13 – 19 rounds), then you go to your primary shoulder arm, which if AK-47/AR-15 its ammo, mags/drums, and spares match your primary sidearm.

    To this you can include any last ditch close-in pistol of your choice. In this case, it all depends on whether you want to engage within ten feet with a tiny gun first, then go to blade, or if you feel real lucky and go mano-o-mano with an edged weapon from the start.

    Me, I’m gonna do a Bobba Fet just as long as I can. Your knife? Unless you’re really well trained in its use, will usually end up stuck inside you quicker than you think.

    Anyway, I’m not proposing anyone do either of these or even agree with them. I am saying the “best” survival gun(s) are those which you feel you can SUCCESSFULLY use under the specific combat situation (worst case) you ever expect to be in.

    As for me? I’ll always show up at a bar fight with a heavy tank division. If the tanks aren’t needed, all you’ve done is waste a lot of fuel and troop’s time. However, if you end up really needing those armored vehicles you’ll sure regret not bringing them along.

    “Man who brings tank to gunfight, usually wins.”




    I really need a survival gun for my collections.


    @kennth wrote:

    I really need a survival gun for my collections.

    You’re on the right list. Have you read the older posts?


    blue fox

    Having read thru here. I agree with the thought of a 22 for a survival arm. I might also consider carrying the 410 shotgun my Dad gave me back in the sixties. Considering the fact that I would be using it to survive (take game and such) I feel that would be a reasonable combo to pack with me for fighting survival I would probably go with my Para 45 and my m44 Russian carbine. Just my .02 worth (adjusted for fed taxes and inflation of course) :cursing:


    There are a lot of different meanings to different people and their situation as to what makes a “survival gun”. Some would say that a break open double with a 12 gauge and a 243 on the bottom and a 22 right in the middle. I have seen these guns and for some if you plan to only have 1 gun and not have to necessarily defend yourself this type would serve a true niche.

    Others use the BOB (bug out bag) principle, these are usually people that live in a medium to large urban area utilizing a rucksack/backpack of some sort that can sustain you in case you are cut off and unable to get home from work and must head out, maybe even on foot to a rally point or retreat to join up with others (hopefully) and not have too much of a time doing so.

    My nephew has just moved to a large metro area and thankfully he has a retreat that he can occupy if “it” happens. He wanted my advice on what he should have in the bag and what type of weapon I recommended. He was in luck really because Keltec had just come out with the Sub 2000 carbine which is a wonderful idea in compactness and another innovation that really draws many to the Keltec name. The Keltec Sub 2000 is a semi auto carbine in 40 S&W (available in 9mm too) that folds in half, and is small enough to fit in a pack with no trouble. Another great idea is that it uses Glock magazines. I believe that they come with a 10 round mag, but any 40 S&W Glock mag will work, including the 30 rounder. What is sweet about his BOB is that he can carry his Glock pistol in 40 S&W and have it handy and if things get bad he has a small rifle with real punch and firepower if needed. It may not be a AR or an FN FAL but hey, it will do fine until he get’s to those. He bought several mags and has the option of using them all in pistol or carbine or both if need be. He claims that it is very reliable and accuracy is fantastic he is very happy with the system. :thumbsup:


    I have always considered the 22 rimfire a mandatory item as a survival weapon. However, I agree with Jericho Montana that you need enough gun to accomplish the mission at hand. I have rifles at home from 22 rimfire to 50BMG and everywhere in between. Several shotguns and I lost count of my handguns. I always keep a stainless S&W 645 and an AR 15 in my truck. If my B/O bag is in the truck, I’ll also have a S&W 357 mag and 50rds of ammo in it. My reasoning is if tshtf while I’m on the road, my primary mission will be to get to my family and get home. I will need weapons more geared to stop aggressors than for small game. My point here is, you really need to think of where you are going if you bug out and arm yourself for the main survival challenge you’re most likely to deal with. If there are 2 people or more, then 1 could carry an additional long gun and handgun, giving you more options.


    cheap .22 “semi-automatic can about do it all 😉


    my survival guns are this:

    Taurus model 941 in stainless steel matte finish ~~~ .22 WMR ~ 5 inch barrel.
    Taurus model 327 again SS w/the matte finish ~~~ .327 magnum ~ 2 inch barrel.
    My old Mossberg 500 camo tape finish ~~~ 12 gauge shot shells and slugs.

    I’d like a .22 WMR (magnum) rifle in stainless steel, does anyone have any recommendations?

    I have lots of ammo for all. even for my little snubby, I’m sitting on 400 rounds or more. all kept in good ammo cans that seal well.

    I have had intentions of going to my local gunsmith & have him order up all the possible parts that might break for both pistols and to have those parts in hand when needed. :gunshooting: Might cost me a few bucks but odds are they wouldn’t be available when needed the most otherwise. A few basic gunsmithing tools would be next I suppose.

    Patriot Eke

    Currently, I do not have a .22 LR rifle, but I concur with the other commenters above that it’s a good one to have. I have a 11 yo son too, so it is an ideal first rifle to train him on now that I believe he’s ready (I’ve been training him on bb rifles so far). His responsibility level is in question however, so I have held off getting him the rifle for now. Once he can prove he is ready, I’ll get the .22 with training him and a survival rifle in mind for the same purchase.

    For now my “survival rifle” is my Lancaster Arms stainless steel barrelled AK-74. Hunting small game? No. It would work for larger animals if needed however. haha


    Cabela’s has a Great deal on 22 ammo… $72.99 for 2100 rds and a Plastic ammo can… the can can hold the 2100 rd and I put 1000 rds of .223 in with it. .22 ammo is also a great bartering item … nothing wrong with having 10,000 rds sitting in ammo cans


    I have a Ruger LCR in 38 special +P as well as a LCP in 380 auto. The LCP is more concealable in the front pocket and weighs less. I carry it when I wear shorts or suit pants. I doubt anyone ever suspects.


    hi guys,my choice for survival is ak-47,and i do agree the 22lr is excellent weapon for hunting and not bad for protection,my choice for hand gun ismodle 1911 colt .45,god made man sam colt made em equal!!!


    @mmkkpro wrote:

    hi guys,my choice for survival is ak-47,and i do agree the 22lr is excellent weapon for hunting and not bad for protection,my choice for hand gun ismodle 1911 colt .45,god made man sam colt made em equal!!!

    Welcome and greetings from Kansas. I read your other post and figured you were looking at some of the different topics related to guns. Here is another thread I think you will also enjoy:
    If you are inclined, click on the state network link for WV and get to meet folks who are in your area. Good Luck!


    Thanks Lionheart1972,for the thread and yea i did enjoy it.Yea Lion i joined the w.v. network looking forward to meeting new people and am glad to see so many people prepping for the future.Good luck to you also lord knows we need all the luck we can get,not to mentionsurvival skills for the coming events

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