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    Unless you are in a very very remote location like Alaska’s interior or BC Canada, i think the idea of relying on wild game, large or small for survival is folly. There is just not enough to feed the population for long. I think in most of the lower 48 you are going to be hard pressed to find a meal of grasshoppers. 22’s, birdguns, deer rifles, blackpowder, airguns and archery are part of a complete plan (be prepared). But my emphasis is on guns for the defense of my family and food supply, livestock, garden and stores. AR’s, M1A’s, SKS’s, Glocks and such. Just my thoughts on survival guns no right or wrong.

    Old Vaquero


    @koeelvry wrote:

    If you want to stop a vehicle, the best way is to take out the driver. You can put rounds with good penetration through the firewall or doors easier than trying to crack an engine block. Besides, just cracking the block won’t stop the car, it’ll just cause it to overheat and sieze. If you penetrate the block and get to the internal moving parts, you can kill the engine but I believe it is still an easier task to take the driver out. A shotgun slug will have sufficient penetration for this as well as most rifles of 270 caliber or larger. A 308 Win. will penetrate both doors and anything in-between on most vehicles.

    I’ve stopped cars both ways. I just wanted more of an excuse than just deer hunting to buy a slug gun. I’ve kind of taken my focus off of defense in the short term, and back onto food storage. I have a deployment (paid vacation) to Kuwait coming up, so I figure I’ll really go balls out on ammo then, since I won’t be at home to burn it up on the range.

    Kuwait could get dangerous. I hope I don’t twist my ankle walking to the coffee shop, or injure my jaw while yawning.


    AR-7 has small-caliber rifle they can count on should they have to punch out over a remote area.

Viewing 3 posts - 106 through 108 (of 108 total)
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