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    Hello everyone and thank You for a most interesting forum!

    My name is Jens Lennartsson and i work as a freelance photographer in southern Sweden. My interest in the prepper movement began to rise when i first read Neil Strauss book, Emergency (I dont know what the general opinion are about that book among preppers though). After reading that book i joined the Red Cross as a volunteer in the local First Aid group. The reason was that i felt I had absolutely NO idea what to do if i would get to an accident site.
    Since then I´ve also put together a survival bag, stored in my trunk, and I´m currently reading the SAS Survival Guide, most interesting reading i must say. Next im going to practice the survival skills i´ve read about in the SAS book.

    The more I´m reading about Preppers, survivalists and survival skills, the more my interesting it gets. Sweden is not nearly as exposed to natural disasters, external threats and terrorism as the USA, not even close. But the reason I want to learn as much as possible about survival is to be prepared IF something happens. Im travelling a lot and anything is possible. And if something would happend to my girlfriend or family and i wouldnt be able to help them because of lack of knowledge, i could keep on living.

    In one month im going to California to make a couple of travelling articles for a major swedish travel magazine. But i have one and a half week extra to do a personal project. And i would really like to do that on preppers. I think a photojournalistic project like that would be a real eyeopener for a lot of people (if i succeed doing it proper that is :). I would like to show why someone stores a years worth of food in their basement, what people are prepping for and a lot of other questions. And hopefully, learn new usefull skills.

    I would like to get in contact with preppers in the San Fransisco and Los Angeles area (also in between the both cities) to talk about what possibilities there is for me. Where to visit, what people to talk to etc. You could post a reply here or send me an email at jens@lennartsson.org. You find some of my work on jenslennartsson.se.
    Please ask anything you would like to know about me and my project!

    Best regards and thank you very much, Jens Lennartsson

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