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    Anyone in the Loris area that loves sweet potatoes, there is a farmer who harvested his crop of Covington sweet potatoes this fall. Beaureguard,Jewel,Puerto Rico,etc. don’t hold a candle to the Covington!Those are by far the best sweet potato,IMHO. He sells to produce stands in the area. Wal Mart and IGA(sometimes) sell them grown by a huge NC farm under the brand name Ham’s Yams.

    It’s possible they may be found at local farmer’s markets,also.

    Baking a bushel of those sweet things to go in the freezer!!

    I tried growing some Puerto Rico and an assortment of different types….not good and lousy yield. 🙁 Could not find Covongton slips. I put some of the bigger Covington’s from my bushel under the house. Hope (fingers crossed) I will be able to get slips from them for next summer’s planting.

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