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    I recently was looking for a new fixed blade knife at the local army navy supply store and came accross a line of Swith & wesson Knives.
    I Have always liked S&W and Have owned a S&W tactical pen for years.( it has a ferro rod inside ) so I decided on a 5″ Search and Rescue knife.
    it has a nice nylon sheeth with molly strapping and also a diamond coated sharpening stone. The blade goes through the handle,( which I believe is some sort of composite material) and held together with a pin …
    The Blade on this knife was super sharp at purchase( shaved my hand with it at the store! ), the handle feels incredible, knife just looks B.A.
    Has anyone had and history with one of these knives?.. did I make a good purchase?( 30$.)
    I’m interested in you guys and gals experiences with S&W knives, possibly this knife would be helpful..
    Thanks :help:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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