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    Hi. I was caught flat-footed, by the the financial crisis of 2008. I’ve known it was coming – for years, because it takes no genius to know that the wrong road will take you where you don’t want to go.
    So, here we be…

    I haven’t worked much, in the last few years. Between the stock market and bad timing on buying a tractor trailer in 06, things have been tough. I did work about 6 months, last year, and that was a whole new experience, working for a young boss that not only was a poor communicator, he was over his head in trying to run his daddy’s company.

    I’m looking for a prepper woman with a sustainable location near woods and water, and has the ability to communicate. I’ve never known many that had that ability, even if they had the ability to use a lot of words.
    If you have horses, that would be even better.

    I am a simple man, with little to offer, other than trust in God and a love of the truth – even if I am a poor example for those that do not believe in Jesus Christ. I smoke and sip a little wine.

    Bad times are coming, beyond anything we have ever seen.. This has nothing to do with the Mayan calender or 12-21-12.. So, It would be helpful if you were on the same page.. Otherwise, I’m likely not your man.. I don’t have a very high opinion of liberals, either…

    More later.


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