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    I learned about CERT here on APN. I was curious about the program, but wary because, after all, it was a “government” program.

    I completed my first CERT class a couple of weeks ago. I have to report that it is a tremendous program. My class actually included a number of other “preppers” who not only wanted to learn the proper responses to a catastrophe, but also shared a passion to share their concern with neighbors and others in a disaster.

    It’s a very good program. From basic first aid … to communications … to establishing priorities in a disaster … to working with others to save lives, the program is a great resource for preppers.

    Yes, while it is a “government” program, it is also a community-centered program that teaches you what you can do in any emergency to help your neighbors and, in so doing, protect your own safety and property.

    I plan to pursue further opportunities through CERT and am even looking at the MRC program as well.

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