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    I’m considering buying these. Are they worth the money and do they work?

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    New type canning lid on the market called Tattler reusable lids
    While looking through my Backwoods home magazine i found an article about a new re-usable canning lid. From the sound of things they have been around awhile….i just didn’t know it.

    TATTLER Canning Lid’s proven success, as a reusable product, has earned them the distinction of widespread customer satisfaction and acceptance since their origination in 1976. The years of development of this product have brought to the home canner a jar lid that is truly reusable. In fact, the longevity of TATTLER Canning Lids presents the likelihood they will be handed down to the next generation of food preservation enthusiasts!

    Properly used, with any standard Mason jar and metal screw band, these reusable lids will last a lifetime. If you ever wear this lid out, we will replace it free! Follow standard directions and procedures, for two piece canning jar lids, with any normal home canning process, and obtain excellent results.


    How many of us use reusable canning lids? I am stocking up regular and wide mouth reusuable canning lids from Tattler. They are a bit expensive but pay for themselves in a few years of use. This product is one answer to the problem of running out of supplies in a severe SHTF situation. For years I kept on hand hundreds of canning lids knowing at best I only had a couple of years of supply. The company claims that the lids will last indefinitely and the rubber rings should last at least 20 years. I think properly stored rubber rings can last at least 40 years.


    I’ve not seen this addressed, so hope someone can help me. I called the toll free ball #, but since it has been busy for a solid hour and half I assume half of the U.S is canning on Feb 1st???
    I brought a new box of jars in from the garage this a.m. to come to room temp before washing, and later sterilizing. As the jars began to warm, the lids started pinging. Does this mean these lids are no longer useable? I brought in a box of extra lids after the pinging started, so I’m covered, but I now know to immediately remove those lids from the new jars. Hope someone knows the answer to this question!


    I saved and saved until I was able to order 18 dozen of the Tattler reusable lids. I really like them! They worked great and I can tell you that it is hard to break the seal. I was afraid that they would pop right off, but no, I had to do some gentle prying to pop the lid on a can of Sloppy Joes I processed. I still have quite a few of the regualr disposable lids and I guess everytime I buy a box of jars, I will have more, so I am thinking I will use those for the kinds of things that I can to use as gifts like jams and such. I am not sure I would be able to part with a jar that had a Tattler on it-might not get it back even tho I would specifically request a return of the jar and lid. It would be a tad upsetting to lose of these lids to carelessness on the part of the recepient. If you can afford to invest in these lids or are wondering if you should start stashing back a little $ to purchase some-yes do it.


    Hi there!
    I am new to canning and know that when you water bath can (and pressure can) that you never ever want to re use lids. That being said, I was wondering if I could re use lids to store salt and sugar in the mason jars after I toss in an oxygen absorber or two? I got a rocking deal on some used jars, lids, and rings at my local good will store.
    I also have been researching the possibility to try to oven can some flour, rice or other dry goods with them. For the oven canning process, I’m going to use new lids.
    Not owning a dishwasher, I am planning on washing the jars, lids, and rings with hot soapy water after letting them sit in a hot water and chlorhexidine solution for 10 mins and then air drying them.


    Does anyone out there know how to pressure can or even water bathing can after we run out of lids? Are we going to be stuck with packing everything in salt, smoking, dehydrating and keeping things in a root cellar?


    I’ve been collecting canning jar lids, and wonder how to store them so the seals don’t dry out. I did a search here, and the main suggestion was to seal them in a Food Saver bag. But I don’t have one of those.

    I’m thinking that I could remove the regular lids from their boxes and drop them into a quart canning jar and screw on a lid. I also have a large peanut butter jar that will hold the wide-mouth lids.

    Do you think this would be okay? Or is there some monumental flaw that is obvious to everyone but me?


    I’m back again, on my third attempt at canning I really thought everything went right – canned jars of pints of carrots. Have had the jars out of the canner now for about 35 minutes and lids did not pop (I actually only did 2 pint jars this time as I have messed up the past two attempts and thrown those carrots away already). Vented for 10 minutes and cooked for 30 minutes, pressure stayed at 10 – might have had heat too high because I had trouble figuring out where to lower the stove temp to to keep the vent weight from jiggling too much – could that be the reason the jars lids did not pop? So disgusted, really thought I did it right this time.


    I just canned 7 pints of sausage, did all things right. Opened the canner a few minutes after they were done (was busy) and realized that 5 of my lids had no pop up rings or raised area on them (even the ones in the box of lids and another new box of lids I just bought). Two of the rigs were from previous packages of lids and they were indented, but the other 5 lids give me no way to tell if they are indented (never heard a pop but also did not take them out of the canner right away. What do I do now or how would I know if these 5 jars are safe – should I just take them out of the jars and put them in the freezer and how long can they safely stay out of the frig on my counter if the lids did not do what they were suppose to. All the lids are sealed and there are no leaks but don’t know what to do.


    Tattler is running a 50% off sale today only on all their products. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this product, these are reusable canning lids. You can use them about 20 times before replacing the rubber gasket, which they sell. You can use the regular screw on ring or wide mouth that you already have. These lids are great. If TSHTF you may not be able to find canning lids.

    I don’t know how to post links, but just google Tattler. The prices you see are before discount. After going to your shopping cart, put “madness” in the coupon code and the 50% discount will show. Shipping is free!

    Order a few lid gaskets in case you damage some in the future. Also order the jar wrench ($3 minus the 50%).

    When using tattler lids only finger tighten the rings before going in the canner. Immediately after removing from canner, tighten the lids down hard. Rings an be removed after cooling.

    I use these lids and love them. You will save loads of money in the long run and will still be able to can when Ball lids become unavailable.

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