Teenagers are very very capable

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    Photon Guy

    Some of the previous posts on this board, people have described teenagers as not being interested in survivalism and that they want to be cool and thus they don’t care about being prepared and all that. I really think it depends on the teenager, and to some teenagers prepping is cool. But aside from that teenagers are very capable of being good preppers and survivalists. To point this out I would like to emphasize that the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest level in Boyscouts, has been achieved by over 2.3 million people since its been around and with a few rare exceptions, they were all under the age of 18 since to become an Eagle Scout you have to do it before you turn 18. (As I said, there sometimes are exceptions where they wave the cutoff point such as this guy who became an Eagle Scout in his 50s because he had Downs Syndrome, but these exceptions are rare.) In 2013 alone there were 56,841 people who became Eagle Scouts. So that goes to show you just how capable teenagers are at becoming good survivalists and just how interested they can be in it.

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