Teen’s and particapation!

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    I’m curious to hear what others have done to get their kids to take part in prepping? Personally I have all but given up on trying to get my kids interested! I have a son 22 and a daughter 16 and both live at home, My son like me is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish and is very profficient at both and at times shows concern in which the times we live and when I push the issue he will do as told as far as prepping is concerned, But the little Princess…..Thats a whole different ballgame, I depress her “messing with all my end of the world stuff” and she told me in no uncertain terms it is my job to take care of her regardless of the situation. Now dont get me wrong, I control my house and when I say enough! They will do as I say but on the same hand I understand that at 16 thats not really what she want to be doing. For her Sweet 16 B-day I did what any self respecting father would do and I bought her a AK47 and a Glock 31 in 357sig and that tickled her as we as a family for years hit the range 3 or 4 times a month and she’s been shooting since she was 5 so I guess I could always employ her as my little blonde sniper! (And I did say employ, Since everything with her is about $$$)


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