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    Based on a lot of indicators in the recent past, we are ramping up our preps which will mainly be food and a rifle for defense, which will more than likely be a .22, since it works well on both 2 and 4 legged critters 😀 . There are 4 in my direct family meaning wife, kids, and myself, so that is mainly what I am looking at, but I also have a sister with 2 kids who is not from what I can tell a prepper type at all, so I am not sure how handle her.

    The next tough subject I am looking for advice on is how to handle kin who live with us, but do not buy into the prep mindset regarding these prep purchases, since my wife’s parents and one sister live with us, but again do not see why we do what we do. My worry is they will laugh at us and not offer to help at all, but will the be the 1st ones knocking on the door when some SHTF scenario happens.

    We cannot afford to do big projects such as solar, generators, etc., so we are focusing on bugging in and what we would need to survive for an extended period of time.


    Hello everyone. As many of you know, I am a 17 year old prepper/survivalist who is you (and admittedly several other people/places) for advice….you see I have a very good friend who is NOT a prepper. I am considering getting her some books regarding prepping and I was wondering if you had any good suggestions on books that might explain the “Why’s” of prepping/survivalism…..Also she is a devout Catholic and while she is pretty open-minded regarding possibe negative outcomes of events, she is usually pretty optimistic, and is more inclined to take the “I trust in God to take care of me so why should I worry and prep?” approach…so I was also wondering if you knew of any really good Bible verses that encourage prepping?Oh also she HATES guns, though she is quite willing to let other people have guns, and is strongly against most if not all gun-control, she simply wants nothing to do with guns herself. Thank you everyone and God Bless all of you.


    I have tried to talk to my brother on several occasions about prepping for the possible collapse of our society. He does not think anything bad is going to happen and he reverts back to the y2k issue saying nothing happened then. I have tried to tell him that things are different now and the whole financial system is just a house of cards, but he won’t believe it.

    I told him that if things go bad and if he has not prepared, don’t come to my place without some sort of skill or materials. Otherwise he is not welcome. I suspect he doesn’t believe me when I say that, but if he shows up after the collapse without any supplies, he will be on his own.

    Has anyone else experienced this with their family members and to what lengths will you go to protect what is yours.



    I attended a family reunion today, and was talking to some of my closer cousins about current events. So I used the opportunity to talk to them about prepping. They agreed that our financial situation in America and the world is on thin ice. They also agreed that the food and water situation in this country is not looking good. They even agreed that the government is corrupt and need to be watched. They even understood about me starting up the little farm I did this year and trying to be more self sufficient. Then when I gently approached the idea of buying some stuff ahead of time before the prices start to rise, one of them said “are you one of those preppers?” I said “yes, I believe in being prepared” Then the weird looks began. One of them even said “I hope you arent gonna go over the edge and go postal” (I am a mailman). Then a comment was made about using my guns in a bad way. I kind of gave up at that point. I have tried to spread the word to people at my church, to my friends, and to my family. It seems like everyone agrees with what I say, but to actually do something about it is another thing. They would rather watch TV, buy their toys, and stick their heads in the sand. I GIVE UP!!!


    Being from Utah most everyone has food storage, it’s discussed openly, ideas are exchanged, saving are shared, etc. Now it’s not a very big leap from just storing food to being a prepper, but it is another step. I would love to see everyone have some sort of preps, the way I look at it is the more people that can stand on their own the less I need to worry. When I saw the following quote in a different thread it made me think, am I really encouraging enough people to be prepared?

    To everyone:
    I just get frustrated knowing–as most of you folks do–that the stuff done hit the fan. But, the vast majority still don’t get it.

    My question to you is, do you talk to others about preparing? How do you bring it up without compromising your own safety/security by letting people know your have “supplies”?

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