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    Whether you are aware of current geopolitical tensions or not the coming storm will open your eyes. A few events over the last 48 hours have raised my personal defcon level.

    First of all most important is the President of Iran’s statements regarding a pending show against what he called the “global arrogant” coming on Feb 11th 2010 to mark the anniversay of the islamic revolution in Iran. The fact that the Obama administration has quitely ramped up selling, deploying, and positioning new patriot missile batteries in four Iranian neighbors and has deployed more ships to the gulf as well all without mainstream media attention mind you.

    I believe some major events could occur from this. I think Iran will officially declare that it is dropping all trade for oil in dollars and euros for local or regional basket of curriencies like the dinar, yuan, or perhaps rubles or yens. As a direct afront to US and EU economic systems. This could be important as they would become the first to do so, and could perhaps sway other OPEC nations to follow suit. And we all know that a decoupling of the dollar as the peg for the oil trade would be devestating to our economy in good times let alone in the fragile state we are in now. I also believe this could be the time that Iran announces they have the bomb, which would provoke israel to move in, and we all know the outcome of that. They could also attack oil freighters in the straights of Hormuz (sp) and cause a global death sprial in oil prices. Or a combination of all three………

    Secondly the tensions between the US and China are tightening with the US announcement of a new arms deal with Tawain. Which has grivously offended the Chinese leadership and they are taking steps to sanction the businesses involved and restrict travel from US personnel as a first response step, they are already leveraging out of treasuries and it has come to light that Russia is or has already been pusing their buttons to move out of US economic interests.

    So with threats to our oil and money supply looming over the next two weeks, our preps may indeed be ready for prime time.

    Just my two cents today.

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