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    Hey preppers! How about we try this homework?
    At your home, pick a weekend in July, and pretend Friday was a normal day and Saturday you woke up to TEOTWAWKI (no water, no electricity, no gas, no dish network, no A/C, no car, no phone-use it just for emergency).
    Live of your existing supplies Saturday and Sunday.

    On Monday, with your family, you can address your weaknesses and strengths, and see how really ready you are.

    Only two ways to know if your plan really works:
    1. Conduct an exercise.
    2. Have a disaster.

    Note: This is just a pretend scenario. If there is someone in your family that needs constant medical supervision/care, please take the necessary steps to assure their well being.

    **Added by APN Admin***
    We believe that this is such a great exercise that everyone should get involved. We’ve sent out an announcement to our entire email list. Post about this drill on your facebook pages, blogs, websites and email others. Announce that the APN is encouraging a July TEOTWAWKI drill and link to this post so everyone can discuss what they’ve learned from the drill.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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