Thanksgiving Supply Pod Relay Test

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    Founderant has started a Thanksgiving Pod Relay Test
    I see no other GA Fire A.N.T.S. have taken part in this project.
    You should see all the info in the emails from Founderant.

    On Nov 25, 9:10 pm, Founderant
    > Several members wanted to have a supply pod relay test, so I have
    > offered to make a test pod on Thanksgiving Day that will consist of a
    > five gallon bucket with a log book inside.
    > I have made the first log book entry and stated what I am most
    > thankful for. I would now like to pass it on to other ants. Hopefully
    > it will eventually make its way around the country and back to me, so
    > that I can post some of the log entries in a future article.
    > This is not a continuous relay so it can take place over the next six
    > months ending on 6/15/2011 or sooner if it gets back to me.
    > If you would like to continue the relay, just respond to me in the
    > comments section of this map.
    > Until then; take care,
    > Founderant

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