The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

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    I actually thought it would come out sooner than this but here is the latest attempt to subvert our rights.


    Since the young (18yo) and younger calling for a ban on certain guns and raising the age to 21 to purchase a gun, along with a former chief justice calling for the removal of the 2nd ammendment, we all may turn into criminals. These young snowflakes have to be backed by big money ’cause they can’t organize the massive school walk outs and protests on their own.

    If they want to raise the age to 21yo to buy a gun, they need to raise the age to 21 to vote, drive a vehicle, enlist/drafted into the military, smoke, chew, date, get married, go to college, etc..

    There was a letter to the editor in the newspaper that read:

    “Guns are an inanimate object. If guns kill people, then I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat. Deny personal responsibility and deflect blame to inanimate objects.”


    I read where Deer-field Ill banned all assault and semi auto weapons with fines up to $1000 per day if you don’t turn yours in… It might have went over better if they had offered to compensate people for their loss on what they paid for them.. I don’t understand the fascination with the AR-15. I think there are different weapons with more knock down power than a AR-15 for things up close and personnel if you get my drift.

    The government needs to get over wanting to disarm the public. I feel sorry for the people that think banning these type of weapons will solve any problems. These kids are the product of being computer raised they suffer from lack of responsibility they lack respect for anybody and should have had their a** beat for them when they were little….

    My grandson brought a paper home to his mom saying the school was going to stage a walk out over the assault weapons ban and if he joined in with the rest of the students they would have free pizza. He told his mom that he couldn’t be bribed with a piece of pizza and he would go on to his class. I am very proud of him


    I agree with ya Farmer, my kids belonged to a rifle club when they were in H.S., now my grand kids belong to it.

    My kids and grand kids are far from being snowflakes and there are no protests in any of the H.S. around are this area.



    With the majority of the country following the lead of 13 yr old snowflakes, and threatening to base public policy on such childish nonsense, it is imperative that everyone have a couple of different plans for how to deal with these “days of heightened tension”” ahead.

    I would recommend discreetly contacting a couple of friends who live in separate jurisdictions, and have at least one physical hiding place for some of your guns and ammo. (If the day comes we have to hide them all, it is over, but it may be wise to cache some of our supplies.)

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    Dick’s sporting goods have hired lobbists to take gun control even further. I used to by ammo from Dick’s when it was on sale and from Field and Stream, but since have destroyed their rewards card and will not be doing business with neither of them.



    My local government just said gun owners are “inherently bad people” and banned almost all forms of centerfire semi-auto rifles 🙁



    My local government just said gun owners are “inherently bad people” and banned almost all forms of centerfire semi-auto rifles

    Sometimes you have to know when to abandon a sinking ship.
    (Or, shoot the captain and throw him overboard, but that is a different forum)
    I left IL many years ago, and never plan to return.

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